anyone planning on beagling OSCON 2010?

that is, possibly giving a 3-hour tutorial on the beagle? i have to
think there's plenty of folks who are admirably qualified to give that
kind of tutorial, but if absolutely no one plans on it, i might take a
shot. however, it would make *infinitely* more sense if an official
beagle person did that as i'm toying with the idea of proposing a
tutorial on kernel programming for beginners. jason? gerald?


p.s. kernel programming for newbies:

If someone did, I'd be infinitely more likely to go to OSCON. I've
always wanted to go, but I've never been able to justify it. :slight_smile:

Jackman wrote:

Hi Bill,

Would you, please, give us pointers to those earlier presentations!


This is the best source I can find:

It'd be awesome to find some video/audio to accompany the slides, tho.

Jackman wrote: