apache2 failed to restart on angstrom linux

hi all
i need some help regarding apache2 web server installation and running
on beagleboard with angstrom linux,
i have tested apache2 on my pc(ubuntu) and it is working fine.
below error is occurred whenever the client pc tries to fetch the
index.html from server(beagleboard)

:~# wget http://www.my-beagle.com
--18:20:45-- http://www.my-beagle.com/
           => `index.html'
Resolving www.my-beagle.com...
Connecting to www.my-beagle.com||:80... failed:
Connection refused.

below is the error which occurs whenever i try to restart apache2
root@beagleboard:~# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
Reloading apache2 modulesStopping web server: apache2failed
Starting web server: apache2.

the apache2_2.2.14 has been installed on beagleboard..

pls give me so inputs to successfully use beagleboard as a web server