API Support for Beaglebone Blue Week-1

Following are the tasks accomplished for Week-1:

  1. Put all the kernel drivers are inplace and configured them in the base beaglebone DTO which I used from the strawson APIs codebase.

  2. I also configured the pru kernel driver. Last year, work on PRUSS support for new kernels has been done on a large scale. But it has not been tested on the 4.x linux kernel revision. This week, I tested it and there were some bugs which need to be resolved.

  3. After this is done, I created bb_blue_defconfig file from the bb.org_defconfig and marked the required drivers as ‘m’(If I need to build it as a module), ‘y’(If I need to build a driver in the mainstream) or ‘n’(If I don’t need to build it) according to the pheripherals on beaglebone blue.

  4. Using Robert Nelson’s bb-kernel, I modified the 4.4 kernel for beaglebone blue and transfered the uimage file to beaglebone black + Robotics Cape(For testing purposes). The build image is a debian 8 based image with linux kernel 4.4.11. Once this is done, I get a uimage file and the base beaglebone black overlay. by the script in the bb-kernel.

  5. Got hold of the invensense patch set for mpu devices like 9150. Applied it to /drivers/iio/imu/inv6050.

Goals for the next week:

  1. Configure and compile the base device tree for beaglebone blue.

  2. Testing the patched kernel driver for mpu9150