apt-get upgrade killed the gadget on BB Green

Hi all,

Using a brand new Beagleboard Green, I set it up to connect to the internet through a Windows PC and ran apt-get update then apt-get upgrade

After the upgrade, which seemed to go successfully, file system was ro. Didn’t think anything of it. After reboot, the gadget is dead, there’s no USB hard drive or USB ethernet. The board comes alive, disk activity LED and heartbeat LED ok. I mention because there are other threads with reports that after running upgrade it appeared bricked with no blinky.

(Next I’m going to download an image and put it on a micro SD card. But I’ve only got 1GB micro SD so I have to buy a bigger card to try this, and then if it boots from there, re-flash the onboard storage.)

Any hints why upgrade would kill the gadget or cause anything bad to happen? I have a second unit I will be working with, but now, obviously, afraid to upgrade it.


More information needed.