[ARCHIVE - 2022-01-01] Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshot - 2023-07-01


Should am335x-debian-11.6-iot-armhf-2023-01-02-4gb.img.xz work on a PocketBeagle? It’s not booting for me (solid on LED USR0), but maybe it’s the wrong image for PocketBeagle, or not expected to work yet?

I’m pretty sure the SD card and PocketBeagle itself are OK, because I had the last debian-11.10-iot-armhf-03-02-4gb.img working fine, running 4.19.94-ti-r71.

Thanks for your work on this!

Sorry @Dennis_Gentry forgot about this… Just had a few PocketBeagle’s in today, so i tested things… I did have a couple corrupt files (double check sha256sum, but those were the am335x- flasher images (they were 2xxKB vs 2xxMB))…

idk, the bone-/am335x- just worked for me… the image i used was: https://rcn-ee.net/rootfs/bb.org/testing/2023-03-10/bullseye-iot-armhf/am335x-debian-11.6-iot-armhf-2023-03-10-4gb.img.xz