ArduPlane writes some stuff out when it runs. What should I do with it

If I start an ArduPilot executable on the beagle bone (I have a blue), it displays a bunch of gobbledegook on the standard out. I have configured mavlink output to udp, so what is this and should I turn it off somehow? For now I’m just sending it to /dev/null.

Hello @timtuxworth ,

Seth here. I have tried many times to make it work. I have been neglecting the ArduCopter source recently but when you are using udp:IP Address:Port, use the desktop ip address instead of the IP address of the BBBlue.

Right? I think that is how it is supposed to be set up.


P.S. Someone posted this info. earlier in the year about a setup of ArduPilot in general: Configuring Beagle Bone Blue as Flight Controller Unit - Building drones around Beagle Bone Blue .

I kept it up and luckily someone asked. Anyway, if that is no help b/c you are already flying, maybe I can help you debug some more if you tell me your steps thus far. There also other people that use the BBBlue w/ ArduPilot here on this forum. Searching in that big orange square will prove valuable too on the forum top righthand side. There were some posts not too long ago.

Here is my older-newer post that seems a bit misconfigured but doable in understandings. Anyway, if that helps, good. If not, I can try to help you more on building to create no odd Mavlink output on the console. Oh: BBBlue and ArduCopter (Still Trying Here) .

Thanks Seth,
I have the arduplane executable running and I can communicate with it using Mission Planner or QGroundControl. I didn’t have to build it myself, I just downloaded the firmware from the ArduPilot firmware directory. ArduPilot firmware : /Plane/stable/blue
so its just the ‘extra’ info displayed by the arduplane executable.
Thanks for all the links, I’m stuck now on cables - I’ll post more

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