Are older BeagleBone Blue flasher images available?

Is there somewhere I can download older flasher images for the BeagleBone Blue? The link below only has the latest:

I’m experiencing a slightly odd issue with H bridge motor control in Python, and I’d like to go back to an older image and see if the issue persists. I can use the non-flasher images available from, but as I’m using the flasher image on my board, I’d like to change as few things as possible when troubleshooting.


Which old image specifically?

Some can still be found here:

Others get migrated to an internal nas and finally cold storage. If
you got the date, i can find it..


Oh, that looks like exactly what I needed, thanks! I just want to go back to an image from a few months earlier to see if the issue I’m seeing still occurs, so that link provides all the images I’d ever need.

It looks like the flasher images for the Blue are named “BBB-blank-debian-9.5-iot-armhf-” with a date appended, is that right?

Thanks again,