Are there any guides for using CCSv7 to program the X15?

I’m planning on using an XDS200 emulator but I’m also wondering how I would go about creating .xem4 and .xe66 images from within CCSv7.

For example, if I wanted to build out the IPC examples (Processor SDK RTOS) from within CCSv7, I’m thinking that should be possible. I’m just not sure where to start! I was looking at some RTOS example apps for M4 (hello world, etc.) but the build produces a .out file which would have to be made into a .xem4 image. Is that something that can be done within CCSv7 or would I just need to do some post-build steps of my own. If so…anyone know what they might look like or where I might learn more about that process of building. I guess the logic is there within the IPC example makefiles but I’m hoping for a kinder English language equivalent if I can find one!

Thanks in advance…