Are there any new boards in the pipeline for AI or ML ?


I’m investigating Beagleboard options for AI / ML . The Beaglebone-AI is listed as obsolete in some places and the X15 is even older so what do Beagleboard have in development? When will the AI rev B be released and are there plans for a board with a later AM6xx Sitara processor or an NPU ?


BeagleBone AI isn’t obsolete. We are making more of them. We are supply limited, but there are more coming. All new ones will be rev A2, rather than rev A1, and the first A2s will be made by Seeed Studio rather than Avnet/Embest. The change in manufacturer caused many distributors to list it as obsolete.

Yes, there are other AI / ML focused options in development. I cannot say publicly at this time anything about name or price or schedule.

One of my favorite TI AI / ML enabled parts right now is the TDA4VM.

Thank you Jason, I’ll keep an eye out for product announcements but the TDA4VM Jacinto 7 processor architecture looks very interesting and maybe just what I was looking for.