Are there Beagle Bone export restrictions for deliveries to germany ???


I have ordered a Beagle Bone at mouser. My Beagle Bone was available
and shortly for the delivery I got a formular related to some export
aspect. I filled in the form and send it back but I got the
information that the supplier --- TI ??? --- has to deliver a CCATS

Is there something which I can do to help successfully pass this
barrier ???

Best regards


Yes, we are waiting on a CCATS number and no it is not TI that has to deliver it. It is the United Sates government that has to deliver the CCATS number to CircuitCo, the company that manufactures the BeagleBone. We hope to have it any day now, but then we have been thinking that for about 2 months now. I wish I could give you the exact date, but I cannot.


Sucks, thanks for the update - same issue here from the UK of course.

Yes, any place that is not the US! We know the person handling the request has approved it, but no formal communication has been received.


well (germany) [1] had 60+ in stock yesterday.
At the time of writing they have 12 left.

I ordered mine yesterday and it’s with UPS already.
So somehow they managed to smuggle some out of the US…

They were not smuggled.


Thanks for the heads up - I've ordered one 4 left in stock now.

Had mouser remove one of my two on order - kept the other one for the
free delivery on some smaller components! Guess that one shall have to

Great! As I said, I am hoping for word soon!