Armbian support with mainline kernel

Some years ago its been already tested, that armbian work fine with the beaglebone black: Armbian support for BeagleBone Black - Board Bring Up - Armbian Community Forums

The armbian developers are open to contribution from people who would like to add support for the board.
Is there a special reason why there is still no armbian support for the beaglebone boards? Armbian is a famous choice of many SBC-user and would probably bump up the sells of the board somewhat.
@RobertCNelson is currently building all the debian images by hand and pushing once a month new releases. Adding everything to the Armbian build system would also help save work.

What’s stopping users from submitting support?

The ‘work’ actually is in testing and validating hardware. jenkins/gitlab-ci does all the hard work for software releases. In fact, my monthly forum post is really just a cron job, with me clicking ‘save’ after copy/paste the text… (this reply actually took more time. :wink: )


Prepare a lightweight image that boots in less than 15 seconds, coming with good PRUSS support (pre-installed PASM assembler, uio_pruss driver, libpruio instead of config-pin). Many people will choise that offer.


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