I think this may be a little off-topic, so sorry…

Anyway, I wanted to test the armcc compiler with my BB-XM. I am able to compile programs with the armcc, but the output is a file called __image.axf. When i try to run this file on the beagle board with linux, i get “Killed”.

Has anyone already used this compiler to generate a.out elf executables that can run on the beagle board?



On x86 you can use code sourcery toolchain. You can compile c codes
just like using gcc.
for instance: arm-none-linux-gnueabi -c main.c; arm-none-linux-gnueabi
-o Main main.o
Main executable should work on BB-xM.

Hi Mustafa,

thanks for answering, but I already use gcc as you said. The problem is that it is possible to multiply 16 numbers at the same time using the neon unit, but using gcc neon intrinsics the code gets bloated and the performance is slower than single execution. (This is a gcc known bug)

I did get good results with hand written assembly, but i came to know that using the proprietary armcc compiler, there is an auto vectorizing option that will automatically generate neon optimized code from standard C code. I just wanted to test that with armcc, as already tested with gcc and it was not good enough.



2010/12/7 Mustafa Çamurlı <>