Armv7 Programing Notes

Hi All,

I working beaglebone and i don’t wanna use anyone pwm,adc,gpio driver. I wanna use these properties with processor memory map and i need only this how can i write code for armv7 processor? I am investigating armv7 programing tutorial. Can you help me for this?



from what you write it is my understanding that you want to use a
memory map to access pwm,adc and gpio. what programming
language/environment are you looking to implement this in?




I’m working qnx rtos rtos with beaglebone. There are no any gpio,dac pwm driver for qnx. We can use memory map for these.

I’m using eclipsed based momentics ide and c programing langue.


3 Şubat 2013 Pazar 15:48:52 UTC+2 tarihinde stewart fletcher yazdı:

@Eren Basturk


I read that you are using QNX as your RTOS. I need help with the same.

I have decided to use QNX for BeagleBoard xM as my RTOS for an IP project.

However i cant find any tutorials on HOW TO MAKE AN APPLICATION for BBxm using Momentics ?

I want to know where to write my code and how to add it to my BSP project ?

Please help me, I have a time constraint.

Ankit Mishra

Hi Anky,

I wrote sample beaglebone user led control. You can find code in attachments. But i need some info pwm and adc. How can i use this properties with memory map.

Eren Basturk

3 Şubat 2013 Pazar 19:51:09 UTC+2 tarihinde anky mishra yazdı:

bbone_qnx_gpio.c (1.56 KB)


I am new to QNX and need help with how to use Momentics to create a final image for bbxm using momentics that contains my code and the bsp ?

Ankit Mishra

Hi Eren,

I would start with the AM335x SoC Technical Reference Manual.

A quick search for 'am335x TRM' should get you to it.


You can create qnx c project for armv7 and anyone sample program complie.

İmport bbxm bsp to momentics ide after you can add complied sample program to binaries bbxm build file.

Note:You can find complied program under /projectsname/arm/o-le-v7 directory.

After complie bsp and run on bbxm.

At last run this way program “program_name &” on korn shell.

3 Şubat 2013 Pazar 21:10:13 UTC+2 tarihinde anky mishra yazdı:

QNX have release the BeagleBoard XM BSP from

except the ipl and USB related driver , You can download bsp source code from QNX web site .

Different from from Linux , all most drivers in QNX is a usespace application , You can study from Monmentics Help documents and QNX DDK


I tried out the steps you have given there. I got a lot of errors that i cannot debug.

Will it be possible for you to give me exact steps or if you know of an online tutorial/blog with the steps to create a QNX application using Momentics, it will be of great help ?

Ankit Mishra

Anyone ?

A tutorial on how to code on BBxm directly via an IDE (no OS ) ?

Plus any help on how to make a QNX project for BBxm via momentics ?

Tutorial links will be very helpful

Thanks in advance

Ankit Mishra

Check out


Thanks a lot for your response.

I noticed that the instructions in the Documentation for the sortware were for BeagleBone and not BBxM

Does it work with BBxM also ?

Ankit Mishra

Please respond soon