ASI USB camera not recognized as camera on Debian 9.3 (or any older) image

I have a camera from ASI (178MM) that I want to use. When I plug it in, it shows up in lsusb but /dev/video0 is not created. I can talk to it to set parameters but obviously image capture does not work.

I brought in an old Microsoft webcam, plugged it in, and it works, so it’s not a hardware issue on the BBB.

I have read various online reports that this camera IS usable on Debian 9.3 x86, so it seems to me that it must be a difference between the way the OS is packaged for the BBB and the way the normal distros work.

The vendor so far has not been able to provide helpful advice.

Can anyone here point me in a good direction?


Is it this vendor/camera?


Yes, it is.

Yes it is.