ask help with TI pico projector with beagle board

Hi all,

  I have a new TI pico projector for some project. When I connected
the projector with beagle board, the upper part of the display is
right, but the rest part is distorted. When I connected a HDMI LCD
monitor with the beagle board, it works well. I doubt there is some
resolution set-up problem. If anyone could give some suggestion or
point me to the right direction, it is really appreciated. Thanks.

I use Angstrom distribution for the board. The linux version is
2.6.29-omapl. I have some pictures to show the pico projector display
problem. Can I upload the pics? I think it will help explaining my

Thanks again,


If you have the default u-boot environment you can download and save it as 'boot.scr' to the vfat partition of your SD card. It will change only the videomode to 640x480. The source of the script is:

setenv dvimode '640x480MR-24@60'
run loaduimage
run mmcboot



Hi Koen,

  Thanks a lot. The file works. Thanks for helping me solve my