Audio cape using I2C1 instead of I2C2


I have created a custom cape and copied the reference design from the Audio Cape. All of the pin mappings are the same with the exception of I2C. The Audio cape is configured to use I2C2, but I would like to use I2C1. I have configured the kernel to initialize the I2C1 bus instead of the I2C2 bus and it seems to recognize the TLV320AIC3106, but I’m receiving timeouts when I test the audio using “testaudio”. I did end up changing the I2C address in the sound/soc/davinci/davinci-evm.c from “tlv320aic3x-codec.3-001b” to “tlv320aic3x-codec.2-001b”, and that fixed the timeouts, but now it does not recognize the sound card. Is there anywhere else that has the audio hardcoded to use I2C2? Thanks,