Audio from HDMI connected Beagleboard Black

Recently i bought Beagle Bone Black, with which i connected my HDMI TV to BBB… I am unable to get any audio from the connections i made… do we get any audio from BBB after making the above connections? Or we require extra hardware to get the audio? Please help me out… thank you

You should be getting stereo audio over HDMI.

Please review this:

Only the two CEA modes listed in that resolution list support audio. If your display is not at one of those two resolutions, there will not be any audio. The 720x480 video mode was supported in the 3.8 kernel and also had audio, but this mode is no longer supported. If no EDID block is received by the BBB from your display, the Linux kernel defaults to 1024x768, which is a non-CEA mode (which won’t have audio).