Availability And Price of AM67A Processor

I’ve noticed this new BeagleY-AI board, which seems interesting; therefore, I’ve been looking into it. I noticed that it is open source hardware, which is fantastic. It seems like we can prototype new hardware through the GPIO and write software for it.

The problem that I’ve seen is that if we want to design our own application specific board based on our previous prototype, then it might be too expensive to prototype.

I’ve not been able to find the the AM67A processor except for the Texas Instrument web site, at: AM67A | Buy TI Parts | TI.com

The price for one AM67A processor for a maker’s prototype is $68.85, which seems too expensive for most makers. This price is almost as much as one BeagleY-AI board.

Is it intended for maker’s to prototype there own hardware once they have learned from the BeagleY-AI board?

Why is the price for a single AM67A processor so high?

Is there anywhere else that the processor can be sourced?

That’s normal, is all about quantity in the order to make the numbers work.


If you don’t mind, would you post the exact part number of the chip that is being used for the Y board.

TI now calls it the “am67a” part of the j722s family.

The chip on the board has this laser etch… (it was laser etched before Marketing decided on the actual part number/family/etc)…


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Update… Production boards from Seeed have this silkscreen…

TI added a 2d barcode, otherwise the same.

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Can I read between the lines and assume my backorder status will change soon?

That depends where did you order it from?


Mouser, digi did not have any pre-order.

Everyone got at-least 100 boards to arrive this week on Wednesday… At day job, the box was finally un-packed and moved into our system at 4:55pm… I placed my order last night about 6:30, love next day ‘usps postal service’… We still show 46 in stock right now…

Looking at Mouser’s backorder, 265, so unless you were the first 100, that won’t be filled by next week… Assuming they are unpacking boxes today… I don’t know there warehouse setup…


Digi still shows 49 and I will order one from them too. Thank you.