Availability - how come nobody has any BeagleBone Black to sell?

I was just curious why none of my usual distributors have any BeagleBone Black boards in stock and most are reporting lead times that are beyond belief. Has there been some supply chain disturbance I have missed? Shortage of a key component?

Just seems strange…

I’m evaluating a potential use but if there are going to be supply issues going forward, that is a concern.

Does anyone have any information they can offer?



Newark has a few. Adafruit has some as well. Not sure what your potential is. I offer the following information.



Newark may show them in stock, but I’ve been back-ordered with them for three weeks and the stock and availability don’t look good. Adafruit is out too, but their availability is more optimistic.


Well, the advantage is that you can plan your builds of your custom board based on your needs and you don’t use the parts for the BeagleBone Black production nor rely on where the boards go into distribution Contact sales@circuitco.com for more information.


Last week, I ordered one from SparkFun electronics, they showed they had them in-stock. I Found out today that wasn’t the case and it’s backordered until an iffy mid February. Very disappointing.


I’m in the same boat. I went through all of the listed suppliers, and now I’m bidding on a sole BBB on eBay. Not in a huge hurry, since this is for a pet home project. It really seems that the BBB has hit a sweet spot in terms of capability and price. I have an HP server running my network that costs me $25-$30 a month in electricity, and I believe a BBB + a Synology NAS could to the same job for a fraction of the power consumption. Just a DNS cache, NTP server, RADIUS/NIS/AD auth and SAMBA/NFS shares. Maybe Asterisk.


We have ship 4,400 boards since the first of the year. Anybody know where they went?


i'm building a cluster ...


AHH! So that s where the 4,400 went.


Do you work for the NSA? :wink:

Bitcoin? :smiley:

Actually, that had crossed my mind.


for those looking for small qty, microcenter has worked well for me - got to love local retail for weekend BeagleBone emergencies! :slight_smile:


for those w/o microcenter in their area, it looks like you can order via their webstore too

It says MCM Electronics, and MCM is out of stock, so I’m not sure I want to go through the hassle of ordering just to find out they backordered it.

I was looking everywhere for it too. On Jan 4 I signed up on Adafruit and one other place (Maker Shed?) to notify me when it’s back in stock.

On Jan 6 morning I got email from Adafruit saying it’s available, so I put in my order right away. It just got shipped today, and on its way to me :slight_smile:

Just checked with Adafruit, and it’s again out of stock, so I feel very lucky.


I checked the MicroCenter retail store in my area and they had 5 in stock. Certainly not enough for a project but enough for the “I need on to play with right now” issues.

Good call! I went online to check the stock in my nearest store and it says they have five as well. It’s an hour drive, but probably worth it. I just need one for my “project” :slight_smile:

I got one mail order from Micro Center - http://www.microcenter.com/product/416355/BeagleBone_Black

Also, was in a Radio Shack the other day and saw a starter kit. At $89 it might be worth checking if you are in a pinch.


fyi - if you are in need of just 1, then you might want to check out element14’s new BBB giveaway:

Doesn’t help if you are in Australia. None of the suppliers here having been showing in stock since at least november.
I ordered one from RS in November and each time I check on the order they give a different expected delivery date.
Obviously bulk orders are getting priority and the individual just has to wait.