Bare metal

Hi everyone,

I have just got my new beagleboard :slight_smile:
I am aiming to make it supported by the Think compiler (http://
This project aims to easyly build Kernel on embedded platforms, with
the help of a powerful component model.
Anyway, I still have to make it beagleboard compliant :wink:

I would like to know if someone has tried some baremetal coding on the
beagleboard, which could be smaller and thus easier for me to start on
than the Linux drivers :wink:



Hi Maxime,

With "baremetal coding" I assume you mean something with no OS - Just a
couple of C-files and then you are up running? In that case I would
recommend you to take a look at the x-loader sources, which are quite easy
to understand and modify for this purpose.

Everything starts in \xloader\cpu\omap3\start.S

More info about obtaining the x-loader sources can be found at:

Best regards - Good luck
Β Β SΓΈren