Battery backed BBB shuts down on applying 5V external power

I have a Li-Ion battery connected to BBB (A6) to supply backup power in case of 5V power failure. If starting with 5V connected and I remove 5V the board continues to run as expected with no issues. If I then re-apply 5V power to power connector after a short while the BBB shuts down. I assume it’s in the OFF mode as pressing the POWER button will cause board to wake up.

If I start with just battery power and no 5V connected by pressing the POWER button to start (wake up) board then the board runs fine until I apply 5V power which again causes board to shutdown.

Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions?


Sounds to me like the SW cannot handle the reapplication of the 5V. I think it supplies an interrupt to the processor when 5V is reapplied Check the datasheet of the TPS65217C. If it does, all SW thinks is that the power button was pressed and that you want to power down.

Bottom line is I think you need to so some SW work to make this all work.


It does appear as if some S/W will be in order. This is still a TODO on my list, just not as high a priority for now. Will post my findings.