BB AI 64 ethernet connection

I’ve just received my BB AI 64, but I do not have a monitor, and my laptop does not produce enough power via USB c do boot the board. I’ve used external power via USB c and plugged my ethernet connection to my home wifi router.
I see the board boot, and ethernet is blinking green, but I cant find it on the network, does somebody have a solution how to connect to it?

Hi @based_on , if your laptop is running Linux, start avahi-discover (windows zeroconf, mac bonjour) , you should see a ssh target…


Thx, avahi-discover command gave output:
Service data for service 'Node-RED for BeagleBone' of type '_http._tcp' in domain 'local' on 2.0: Host BeagleBone.local (, port 1880, TXT data: []
After I was able to connect, thanks!