BB + AudioCape + Ubuntu 13.04 - no sound capture


I’m trying to capture any sound from a microphone connected to an Audio Cape. Playback is flawless however arecord produces so weak sound capture that it senses only when I blow right into the mic. All bars (play & capture) are at maximum in alsamixer. Any ideas how to enable capturing of the sound in Ubuntu?

I need to bring up linphone and such problems makes it impossible.

You need an amplified microphone. This is line input audio.


You need a microphone pre-amp.

You can buy one or make your own.

Thank you!
I understood it when looked into the schematic. I think I will add a few wires to connect the audio-in jack to the mic-pins. Almost all pins at the audio chip are wired out except the micbias, but I can hold a soldering tool. The only problem is the audio driver where necessary audio path should be enabled

it required a few minutes of soldering and two resistors 1kOhm 0402. The scheme is attached

Sound quality is not the best but it is the cheapest solution to continue working on SW

CCF17062013.pdf (729 KB)