BB - Media Platform

I'd like to use BB C rev3 as a media player and internet browser for
my TV.

What is the general opinion on OS to use for this application? Looking
for lightweight and fast?

Ubuntu (which distro)

Let me know what has been successful.


I vote for Angstrom as the fast one.
I vote for Ubuntu as the reliable one.

2011/5/6 Dewdlives <>

Yeah I prefer Ubuntu because of ease of use. But I don't find it
reliable when I click on firefox and then wait 5 minutes for the web
page to load. Any suggestions on speeding up Ubuntu?

Use one of these images -
- as they're optimised. Judicious usage of swap memory. XFCE or even
better Fluxbox as your window manager. I use Firefox's bookmarks
toolbar heavily , and strip out text so the toolbar's mostly icons,I
then don't have to go into the menus so often.

I see. I currently installed the canonical image of 11.04 from the
same website instead of the demo image. I'll try the demo and see if
it optimizes my settings. Appreciate the advice.