BB-X15 Rev C Schematics & ewiki update?


Now that BB-X15 Rev C is shipping in decent quantities, can we get an update to elinux wiki? The last status update was February. [1]

I saw that Jason added the RevC2 BOM to the x15 github project. [2]
I also saw Robert say that RevC was basically the same as Rev B expect with the 2.0 version of the AM572x and a “few other parts changes”.

Can someone confirm that the netlist for Rev C2 is exactly the same as Rev B1 (aside from part changes)?
If not can we get a copy of the Rev C schematics?
I don’t have OrCad but I can get someone at work to create netlists for comparison.



Yes, I can confirm that.

Rev C schematic is the same as the Rev B1 except for the processor revision.

I will create a Rev C schematic for you. I need to change the revision on each page and add a 2.0 to the schematic symbols. That will not however, affect the netlist.

Once I get this done, then Jason can add it to the WIKI.



Thanks. If that is all it is, then no hurry on the Rev C schematics. Jason can just put a note on the wiki &| the github files stating as much.

I am currently trying to diff the BOMs. diff is useless so it looks like I will have to write a script.


… or I could just look at the “changes” sheet in the BOM excel!

The BOM has a revision page with the changes for each revision. We addd some new par tnumbers for some alternate sources due to some obsolete parts a while back. But that was it. Nothing in the design itself changed.

Thanks Gerald. I did find the change sheet after a bit.

When you have alternatives like the Kingston vs Micron for eMMC and DDR parts, who picks which one is used? The manufacturer (PTI)? Can it change from one production run to another? Or do you dictate when that happens and potentially give it a new RevC3 etc?


Those parts are 100% swappable, so depending on price and availability…


The market picks it. We typically use what we can buy. It can change from one production build to the next.

This happens all the time on the Hardware world. That is why the SW has to be ready to handle all of them.


OK, I know I am asking lots of questions. Sorry but …

Does the X15 RevC need an isolated power supply?
If not, did any rev?

It does not need an isolated power supply. UL would not be happy about that.