BB-xM A3 Ubuntu demo image newer kernel

I followed the instructions on the guide for newer kernel.

I have also installed GUI for demo . But in the system lots of applet
does not exist. i.e terminal or network connections. How can I
install other applications? No synaptic package manager also.


Can you please provide a screenshot of "applet does not exist"...

I'm 75% certain your seeing what happens when gnome decides to be
default in gdm when your install xfce..

So when it firsts boots up to the gdm/login screen.. Click your user
name, now look down.. (this is from memory so please interrupt what i
say, with what you actually see..) There should be 3 clickable down
arrows's.. The one furthest to the right from the center should say
"Ubuntu Desktop something" change it to "xfce Desktop"

If it's not that, take a photo of the desktop so we can have a chance.. :wink:


2011/3/26 Robert Nelson <>