[BB xM] Acquiring numeric audio onboard

Hello list,

I’m developing an audio-based application that processes the signal received by the Beagleboard. Since the audio analog connector (AUDIO IN on the card) suffers from heavy noise and other disturbances on my card, I want to use numeric audio.
I’ve been trying for some time to get an external USB sound card to work with Angstrom but I didn’t succeed (the S/PDIF optical input is not recognized by ALSA).
What I’ll be asking here are : what other options to I have ?

  • Can I use the HDMI port to acquire audio through ALSA ?

  • Is there any cheap USB soundcard that natively works with Angstrom ?

  • Can I get audio using another method ? I’m thinking about network streaming, this kind of things.

  • If you have another suggestion for another numeric connexion, I’m willing to hear your thoughts.

Of course, my favorite option would be to get my current USB soundcard to work ; also, I would really prefer using a soundcard so that I can use optical link over anything else.

Thanks in advance for any help !

Hi Nilton,

This card looks indeed handy and very cheap but there’s no S/PDIF Input (only output there), so it won’t solve my problem.
Thanks for the reply anyway ! :slight_smile: