BB-xM - Availability

Hi guys,

Somebody knows when Beagle-Board-xM will be available for selling?
I'm waiting for a long time to buy this board.
If anyone knows when it will be available at DigiKey or in any other
site that delivers for Brazil, please notify me.

Best Regards,

Sure. We have been shipping them for over a month now. International shipments had a paperwork snag, but that has been solved. The next batch of boards will be going out in about a week. We plan to ship 2000 boards in October. I suggest that you subscribe to the mailing list to keep up with the latest happenings.


I am interested in when XM can be bought from other distributors,
such as special computing(like C4) instead of digikey.

I don't know why digkey can't allow me to place the order,
but special computing is OK for me always when I bought beagle C4.


Speaking as a mere mailing list member -- remember that this is a very active list. I keep all the emails that come in because they can be valuable research tools.

Bob Cochran
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

Special Computing has been shipping for weeks now. Have you tried contacting them?


Thanks for the fast answer.
I was following the list with the Google Reader but I will subscribe
the mailing list.

For XM:

    - From, seems only mentioned digikey.

For Beagle C4

    - From, lists about 7 distributors.

So I believe only digikey can provide XM now.

If you are sure that special computing can ship XM now, could you
update lists in the link below?


I run the manufacturing operation for I would not have told you they were shipping if I weren’t sure. They have boards. Another batch went out this week.

The list has not been updated because links have not yet been provided by the distributors to their direct buy page, despite the fact that we have asked for them. When we get those links taking the buyer directly to their buy page, we will update the site.


I see now, great thanks.

By the end of October all distributors should have boards in stock.


Hi Gerald Coley,

Another problem:
       What is your plan or schedule on beagleboard after XM?


No definite plans right now. We will wait and see how the -xM progresses. We have orders for 8000 boards, so we need to fill those first which should be done by Q1 of 2011.


Here's the link to farnell buy XM page:

Hmmmm, I guess we need to get that fixed. Beagle is not made by Texas Instruments. It has a DM3730 and not an OMAP3530.


Hi Gerald,

        Is XM supported by linux kernel mainline or -next now? C4 is sure to
be supported well by linux mainline.


The same kernel runs on both. The processors are both CortexA8 processors. The MLO and UBoot for the -xM will run on the C4. The -xM is fully supported.


I haven’t tested mainline in a while and suspect some patches are required. Check out and look at the kernel. It is high on the priorities to start submitting the required patches to mainline. The OMAP3630 detection/clocking/startup is all good in the mainline for use on DM3730, but a handful of board-level deltas are likely required.