BB xM DM3730 and POP Memory

I have rev C BB xM assembly 00 and I would like to order the processor
chip with 512Mb POP DDR.
I am a little confused how to order.
Is there a part number for the DM3730 with POP already installed ?
Do I have to purchase the processor and memory separately ?
What is the exact Part Number to order for the DM3730 and the Part
Number for the Micron POP Memory 512MB DDR ?
I looked in the BOM but it wasnt clear.

Thank You in Advance for the help !

You cannot order the DM3730 with memory already installed. There is no such item. You would need to order them separate and either mount the memory yourself or have someone do it for you. Typically it is done in the process of assembling the entire board.

As to the part number for the processor you can get that from the product page on the TI website depending on exactly which one you want. The part on the BeagleBoard-xM is DM3730CBP100.

As to the POP memory, you can contact Micron for that based on the speed options you want. The part used on the BeagleBoard-xM is the MT46H128M32L2KQ-5 IT:A.


Thanks Gerald - you are great !