BB xM Screen Resolution Mode Problem

Hi, I just unwrapped my new BB xM, I followed the steps to setup my SD
card. ( MLO, uboot, uimage
2.6.32 in FAT32 partition, Angstrom demo image, and module in ext3)
<== correct me
if i did sth wrong.

Anw, I think I did set up SD card coz I ran minicom on my laptop with
serial port connect to BB and I got a
Angstrom login text, need username and password (which I didnt set up
yet so I couldn't log in)

The only thing now is i dont have a DVI-D monitor right now, but I do
have a 40" TV with HDMI port, i plugged in and powered up my BB xM and
the TV showed up with : No Support Mode.

Is there anyway to setup the screen mode for it to show up on my TV?

Thank you and sry for my English, im not native speaker :smiley:

I used "root" to login to the terminal with no password on BBXM with Angstrom image.

The manual states that BB does not have a true HDMI video implementation. Perhaps you can hook your TV to BB using svideo. My Samsung LCD TV also did not like the BB HDMI.

try in u-boot:

setenv dvimode hd720

2010/11/17 Tran Dinh Khoi <>