BBAI-64 and GPIO General Ideas


I just had run gpioinfo on the BBAI-64 to get feedback on GPIO pins that are either Input or Output.

The reason I am bringing this up:

1. DonkeyCar
2. in the DonkeyCar repo source code
3. Setting up an initial version for the BBAI-64

So far, I have received some good feedback from the DonkeyCar people on discord.

In lies the questioning:

  1. If all my GPIO pins are input so far on the BBAI-64:
    a. Is there a method so far to change out the Input GPIO pins?
    b. If so, is there a known method to use GPIO pins as output on the BBAI-64?
  2. Would one use libgpiod-dev or gpiod instead of older models of GPIO accessing?

I have been reading the vsx-examples and bone-cookbook source code to update my ideas on how things are eventually working towards a good set up of source.

Outside of that idea:

Err:4 bullseye InRelease
  Certificate verification failed: 
The certificate is NOT trusted. 
The certificate chain uses expired certificate.
Could not handshake: Error in the certificate verification.

I think there are some errors somewhere on update/upgrade via apt.


P.S. DonkeyCar may get a write up soon by me or whomever. Updates on the way!

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
OSError: [Errno 16] Device or resource busy

That error is due to writing up a gpiod/python script. It seems even w/ the output of the GPIO line(s), the resource or device is busy still…


P.S. Does anyone know how to officially handle GPIO output on the BBAI-64 so far w/ gpiod?


I found some input pins that can be altered via gpiod to make them output.


That is way too cool!!!

If we had some young kids that would most certainly be on the list. When I was little, remember our dad got three of the Heathkit RC cars with Veco 19 engine and Heathkit Transmitters for us. That was so much fun back then. Back then the servos had pretty weak gears and it was very easy to strip them and lose control of the car.

Can you post some pictures of your car?

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Now w/ AI!


P.S. I think these cars control themselves via AI and machine learning which is why I wanted to try it out. I am a very large child in my mind. Hence, building bots for sport! And no…I cannot post any photos of the car yet. I am still trying to port the BBAI-64 GPIO/PWM to their source of DonkeyCar.

See…here is the issue so far. I am using the Servo Cape on the BBAI-64 for the PCA9685 and familiarizing myself w/ their source so far only.

This entails using their source and trying to incorporate their source w/ what is offered from the BBAI-64. So far, I can control about four GPIOs and the Servo Cape PCA9685. I have not made it to handling their 3D Printed car board yet.

The reason I say “no” is b/c I do not have the 3D Printed parts yet of the DonkeyCar. I only have an older model Grasshopper from Tamiya, i.e. circa 1987!

@foxsquirrel ,

Seth here again. Their source seems easy to understand (sort of). I have not gotten to build any models yet for their AI versions available. I am not even sure I can incorporate the current camera I have to handle their source.

They have webcam and CvCam available along w/ the current distro I use on the AI-64 from

I am thinking that this can happen since it built on the BBAI-64 and the porting will just take more time on my part. If you are building on the BBAI-64, use the nano build w/out the versioning of tensorflow they use…

It will build.

Here is the car w/out the 3D Printed part for using DonkeyCar and their AI enhanced GPIO/PWM usages.

That is it in fancy condition. Mine on the other hand has taken its beatings and sand issues.


P.S. The 3D Print can be found here: Donkey Chassis and Adapters - Current by aconway - Thingiverse

After building their source and porting it to handle the GPIO from the BBAI-64 and the PCA9685 on the Servo Cape, I will build it (hopefully sooner than later)…


I found an older model video of the Tamiya GrassHopper that I will use on Youtube:

Check it out!


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Yes, remember those. Back then I was flying a Cricket RC heli, that was before the really cool tail rotor gyro was around.

Hope you get it working, the BBAI64 seems like a good choice for doing that.

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