BBAI-64 device tree overlays

Hello BB community!

I am playing around with my AI-64. I want to do some pinmuxing overlay and I have prepared a dts for this. I have previously worked with Beaglebone black and I usually add the dtbo to the uEnv.txt file and the overlay gets done. I have looked for something like this on AI-64 debian, but I could not find it. What is the procedure to add overlays for this board?


The extlinux options for overlays is listed here:

the repo and branch is:

git clone -b v5.10.x-ti-arm64
cd ./BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees/
sudo make install

There are 3 current overlays…

I’m working on mergeing these in…

Right not mostly making it automated from ti’s json files… As hand edits become too complex!