BBAI-64 How to monitor and control CPU Frequency?

Hello there.

We got our hands on some BBAI-64 and we need to benchmark them for our applications. However, I can’t seem to find a way to monitor the CPU frequency. We would like to know at what speed it can go and at what temperature it thermal throttles. We also need CPU frequency control but it seems cpufreq-utils does not work at all.

Anybody has insight on this?

Right now, the TDA4, does not have cpufreq options…


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Thanks, I understand. So, there isn’t any other way to monitor and control the CPU frequencies?

Correct, today with the v5.10.x based TI kernel, there is no way to re-clock the TDA4. Today it is running at full speed.


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Did it work in the past to change CPU freq? The reason I ask is that it is documented in Jacinto 7 Thermal Management Guide - Software Strategies on page 16 how to change CPU freq in response to die temperatures.

Running the relevant command from the script just freeze the bbai64:

k3conf set clock 202 2 1000000000