[BBAI-64] How to use PWR Button & RESETSTATz?

I can access to P9.9 & P9.10 which is PWR Button & RESETSTATz.

I guess those are same with tact switch on the board. ( RST, PWR, BOOT )

My goal is control power.

Question. How to use PWR Button & RESETSTATz?
High : 5V, Low : 0V?

Thank you.

What are you trying to do with them?

To assert one, you drive it low. You never should drive it high, so the high voltage doesn’t matter.

PWR and RESET are indeed identical to the buttons, which, when pressed, connect those signals to ground.

BOOT is more complicated, but changes the BOOTMODE selection pins that get sampled at power-up such that you can recover from contents on the eMMC that might not get you into your desired state. The default boot mode (no button pressed) will have you boot whatever is on the eMMC as long as it is valid. If not valid, other boot methods are tried. Note that we typically boot u-boot off of eMMC which exposes loading code from many other sources.

I want to turn on/off completely with power cable always connected.
You know that BBAI-64 still on sleep mode and very high temperature after shut down the system.
Control booting system, maybe using P9.9 and P9.10 with the voltage (it was my guess)

I saw there is no way yet to turn off fully…
But maybe if there is any way…?

My suggestion 1.
do not give beagleboard power (power line open) → give them power : using switch
shut down the system safely with the software, after a few seconds(after shutdown succesfully) cut the power.