BBAI-64 MCAN Peripherals


I am wondering if anyone has had success getting the MCAN peripherals and socketcan working for communication on a regular CAN 2.0 bus?

I have got the pins multiplexed correctly according to show-pins (tried a couple different MCANs now) and I can enable them fine in the device tree overlays (when one is enabled, I see a can0 and am able to set bitrate etc.) but I seem to always get an ERROR-ACTIVE state immediately upon switching them to ‘up’. I didn’t really have any issues getting these going on the X15 board I was working on previously, so I am wondering if there is some additional configuration somewhere that needs to happen with these newer peripherals.

I am working without my hardware backplane this week so I don’t have a transceiver, but I will have one on Monday. In the past I recall having good success turning on loopback just to validate the beagle configuration, but no such luck on the AI-64.

Any pointers appreciated,


I have 6 CAN buses working with custom cape, not seen any issues so far with messages arriving on all 6 buses, not doing any transmits currently

Thanks for getting back to me. Sounds like I need to talk to the hardware guy on this project then (sadly, also me…).

I will try it with my full hardware setup on Monday then.