[BBAI-64] RPi Display 7-inch DSI

Just wondering if anyone has tried a DSI display on the AI-64?

I’ve tried an Official 7-in RPi Display with a waveshare 15-to-22-pin DSI converter plus an external 5v power supply although haven’t yet managed to get an image.

I’m on latest software as of yesterday, just hoping someone could at least confirm they’ve seen a display function through the DSI Port.

Thanks, Mat

Hi @murc585 ,

Here’s a quick photo of how to wire this up… (RPi 7-inch is powered by USB…)


Use, BBAI64-DSI-RPi-7inch-panel.dtbo in /boot/firmware/extlinux/extlinux.conf

fdtoverlays /overlays/BBAI64-DSI-RPi-7inch-panel.dtbo


If you don’t mind sharing, where did you find the adapter for the display. I looked and did not have much luck.

There are a few different clones…


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Thanks for the help, I was able to get an image although with some artefacts:

  • The image seems offset horizontally to the right about 50 pixels and upwards vertical about 10 pixels.
  • There is a left/right pixel jitter (about 2 pixel wide)
  • My DisplayPort monitor repeats the low resolution of the DSI display (no dual display support)
  • the touch screen input does not seem to function

Have you experienced any of these? I tried different ribbon cables but I observe the same effect.
This is the adapter I’m using:

ah fun! sorry i haven’t tired x on it yet… The offset does match my ‘console’ display, we need to tweak the raspberry pi, porch values…

Looks like TI tweaked these… https://git.beagleboard.org/beagleboard/linux/-/commit/e2c9db9a4cf898557164a53958c317fba034a885

Touch screen driver, sorry haven’t tested that yet. That driver has been fun on older BBB capes, might need to force it.


Are these hard-coded in the source or can they be modified via config file?