BBAI-64 thermals

Just got my AI64 and while fooling around with it – installing packages and running a couple of GLES tests on the GE8430, I noticed the board was rather hot with no fan attached. Actually AI64 thermal zones quickly got to 68-70C, and not much later after that board locked up. I assume it was a thermal event, as the board itself (not the sink) was burning hot to the touch; the sink itself was unbearable to touch. Given I was doing nothing intensive after the package updates, and the board was still warming up, I was wondering if the board is actually meant to be run fanless, heatsink facing down?

All that happened after firmware was updated; kernel brought to 5.10.120-ti-arm64-r57

Running the board flipped upside-down now, and it is approaching 65C after 45min of me fooling around in bash and vim (again, nothing stressing).



It gets hot. The processor is an automotive processor (supposedly). Anyway, I suggest a fan or fans (plural).

I know it is a big deal w/ this being a new board but I think all the kinks have not been addressed by the .org for now. Anyway, to stay on the safe side of things, fans.


P.S. W/ a tiny USB fan, my sink and board are now cool. I feel your warranted call. I was afraid at first for the processor b/c of its heat dissipation or lack thereof. Fans.

What is the fan you’re using? I was thinking something along the lines of a constant-slow-rpm big-diameter one. I was wondering if anybody has recommendations for such a contraption.

I have used a 40x40x10mm and a 60x60x25mm Noctua 4 pin 5V fan.
Just resting the fan on top of the heatsink currently, blowing air down.

Running the fans at 50% duty cycle keeps the temperature to around 40C (25C ambient)
I have not had time to do some stress testing on my board yet though.

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Hello @blu ,

I have an Anvision 5v USB fan that does the trick. Also, when you two are discussing stress tests. I have managed to install TVM via source and other large libs. on the BBAI-64 w/out error due to heat.


P.S. If you need any other info, please do not hesitate to ask away.

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@blu ,
Same, my BB AI couldn’t finish the initial updates before it overheated and shut down. I bought a super good price FAN Cape that only costed $7, easy to use by plugging onto the P8, P9 connectors. I was going to send you the link but unfortunately not there anymore.

Thank you @bbAI01 I already got myself a 80x25mm Noctua 2200 RPM, which might have been an overkill as the AI-64 now sits at 33-36C. Time to see what this TI chip can actually do.