BBAI-64 USB-C port capabilities

Hi, I was wondering whatwere the capabilities with the USB-C on the board.

I know that when I plug in with a computer, it shows a Drive, Ethernet adapter and receiver power. I was wondering if you can connect a USB hub to it to extend the io, or have displayport output from it.

Hi @StackingOverflows by default it’s just a linux libcomposite device: Linux USB gadget configured through configfs — The Linux Kernel documentation

By default those features you list is the out of box: bb-usb-gadgets/suite/bullseye/debian/bb-start-acm-ncm-rndis-old-gadget · main · / repos-arm64 · GitLab

There are other pre-built-in examples: bb-usb-gadgets/suite/bullseye/debian/bb-start-usb-gadgets · main · / repos-arm64 · GitLab

Sorry, no ‘displayport’, as that requires a displayport in mux to send that signal back over usb-type-c…


I believe, per the sysconfig tool, that DisplayPort can only come out a single set of SERDES mux pins. PCIe, however, should be able to be muxed across the same pins that are used for USB3 on the Type-C connector.