BBAI-64 Yocto BSP support

Hello - does AI-64 Yocto BSP support exist. Which is the correct BSP repo for AI-64 ?

TI publishes an embedded Linux distro called “Arago” that is built via the Yocto Project. I don’t have the BBAI-64, but I have experimented with Arago on the BBB and it worked ok. TI has built and posted an SD card image as part of the processor SDK. Here’s a link to the corresponding processor on the BBAI-64:

Personally I would verify it runs on the BBB-AI64 first. Then, assuming it does, I would trace through the documents of the TI Processor SDK to start rolling my own Yocto image using the recipes from the base image of Arago.

Any way you cut it using the Yocto project requires an R&D time investment before you end up with an image that fits your needs. TI created Arago to help give their customers a jump-off point for the effort - check it out! And please post back with your findings - someday I might be doing the same exercise!