BBAI (AM5729) GEL File

Hello guys,

As I know, there is no GEL file (CCS) for BBAI yet…

So, Are they( have any plan to give GEL file for BBAI to customers?

If they have, when I can see the file?
(I desperately want connect BBAI B/D with JTAG for CCS for tests! )

anyone know about this here??


Dear Mr. Robert Nelson,

I already check a issue with JTAG connecter with that link, and fixed H/W points on BBAI B/D.
So, I can connect B/D with JTAG…
As you know, to tracing code or debugging CPUs on AM5729 with CCS, a GEL file is necessary.

Could you tell me about any information with GEL file for BBAI ?

2020년 3월 6일 금요일 오전 7시 41분 38초 UTC+9, RobertCNelson 님의 말:

Sorry, I don't have any knowledge on TI's GEL files, there is a
discussion on the github issue tracker about JTAG and the GEL files..
So it's best to add your comments there..



Assuming you know the architecture well and are willing to dig into TR if you don’t get any answers you could pick a gel for a TI EVM that’s similar to BBAI and port it. It’s just a script that initialized RAM and bare minimum you need to run. You might get lucky and it works since it’s a SOC.Download the RTOS SDK. This seems to be an ongoing issue and TI Houston supports CCS or did.
In past for newer boards you got this through your TI application or sales rep if you are a chip customer. Since you didn’t buy their EVM you either wait or Port is the way I remember. I can speak for
It’s worth playing with gel file describe here it’s very basic DDRReg1 = 0x80000 stuff.

The documents here describe what is supported last time I checked RTOS is supported on BBAI but this barebones tutorial is what you want do do board bring up checkout.

Sorry for multiple post somehow my typing isn’t working.

last time I checked RTOS is NOT supported on BBAI

And obviously
I DONT speak for
didn’t want to mislead you.

Perhaps bb people can get you the gel but you sounded eager and I think you will be waiting for awhile if it’s anything like the past perhaps long enough to watch hair grow on your arm🤥

Also put in a request on E2E community if someone hasn’t already.

Did you check the CCS gel file directory? Again
if you know the architecture another chip with a DSP and ARM will be similar you could modify another one.

You also understand in my experience the only support for symbolic source debugging of Linux in CCS came from within TI. I doubt you see any support in here.

If you are debugging your own C bootloader or uboot using CCS/ JTAG it’s great on custom hardware so I’m questioning what your goal is and why you need the gel file. Unless your building your own board based on BBAI .

I guess that’s why you might not get one from
No need for it.

I guess you could call TI and and say your needing 1 Million chips for your start-up but first you need gel file to debug your code on a BBAI.

If that works please share gel file in group :grin:

From a "memory" point of view, grab the am571x_idk's GEL values for
ddr init. As that's what we currently do in u-boot when detecting the


Thank you so much for your help, Mr. Robert and Mr. lazarman.
It was helpful that am571x IDK’s DDR Initialization section.
At least I have checked that the DSP line trace is working well.
In addition, when debugging only 1 DSP, I confirmed that the target B/D setting works just by using am571x IDK.