BBAI end of life?

According to Digikey the Beaglebone AI is end of life and once they are out of stock they will not get any more. I have not been able to find anything about this anyplace else on the web so figured asking here would get me a real answer on this.

Is this really the end of the Beaglebone AI? Or, is this just another supply chain disruption that hopefully will end eventually?


The current stock of BBAI’s of boards was done by a specific manufacture that doesn’t build for anymore… Still moving everything to Seeed/GHI…


Thanks for the reply and glad to hear it. The BBAI is a handy device, would be sad to see it get discontinued.

The rev A2 documentation is up on GitHub - beagleboard/beaglebone-ai: BeagleBone AI - the fast track for embedded machine learning. I’m not sure if distributors have placed orders for the updated revision (PCB update and manufacturer update). I’ll look into that and come back.

bb ai won’t be produced anymore?

If distributors place orders, we can still build them.

That’s not very encouraging.

I have developed and produced A-LVR (auto Vaginal Rejuvenation) using BBB.

In addition, using BB_AI, a needle type RF system was developed and is being produced.
Recently produced 30 units.

Now, using BB_AI, I implemented Semantic segmentation with YOLO module, developed a “pepper harvesting robot”, and is about to produce it, I hope that the BB_AI Board will be produced steadily.

I recommend switching to BeagleBone AI-64 that has better model support, but we do plan on building more BeagleBone AI boards as well.

Hey jasson. Its a pleasure to be able to converse with you. This post has me a little worried. I was starting a project with the bealgbeone AI. But it looks like as of right now, there are no production plans. Any idea when or if that could change? Any other boards coming out with this or similar chip to the am5729?

I think they won’t because of the lack of interest in this board.

In my opinion it is too expensive and too feature-loaded. The success of BBB and BBG is due to its price and simplicity. So I would guess, a BBB AI which is more slim and lean (means contains less fancy interfaces nobody needs) but therefore is more price-sensitive, would be a solution.

On the other hand, I see the BBB AI-64 is totally the opposite: more expensive and not even the form factor is the same like for the successful BBB/BBG. I would guess, this will not work too.

The RasPI is that incredible successful because it does NOT become more and more expensive, why should that work for a successor of the BBB?

Digging further into it now, there have been requests from distributors. It is now up to getting parts and providing distributors to expected shipping dates. We have a couple of parts that have crazy long lead times (USB, Ethernet PHY).


I seem to recall that the RPi folks have a “compute module” thing where the minimum amount of stuff is on a board about the size of a Pocketbeagle with two M.2 edge connectors on one side. All the peripherals are on an external carrier board that has two M.2 sockets.

Given that the Beaglebone flavors (BBB, BBAI, BBAI-64) really aren’t doing very well with pin compatibility, perhaps this would be a better path? It would minimize the amount of stuff on the compute module (SoC, power converters, uSD card, and maybe USB-C) which would cut costs and increase volumes on the main module (the same compute module would be used for the black, green, blue, etc. while the “flavors” are permutations of the carrier boards).

It would allow faster spins on the carrier boards as well as put the connectors on the carrier boards. And it would decrease the cost of the connectors considerably (The 2x46 .100 headers are quite expensive relative to M.2 or SODIMM conectors nowadays–but you could have a 2x46 based carrier board if you want to maintain the form factor). And it would allow quite a bit better signal integrity on higher-speed signals.

Let’s define the requirements much simpler: how about a BeagleBone-Green-like device but with a newer, more powerful SoC? So no on-board-video, no Wifi, no Bluetooth and all this other stuff (and perhaps not the groove-connectors, but they for sure are not that expensive)?

Hello @jkridner,

Do you still plan on having more BBAI boards built? I generally utilize Enhanced Beagle Blacks but they are having supply chain issues. The original AI is closer in spec to the enhanced for some of my projects.


Any update on a timeline for BB-AI manufacturing? I’m looking for 110 units in the near-term, and plan to place an order with Allied Electronics since they are accepting backorders. Most places have listed these as obsolete or discontinued.

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Is BeableBone AI discontinued? Is it going to be manufactured?

@jkridner - It says in tinkersphere ($136.99 - Beaglebone AI - Tinkersphere) that the product is discontinued. We are planning a project that requires ~200 units. I wanted to make sure that BeagleBone AI will continue to manufacture before committing to it.

Allied Electronics has discontinued this product.

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Thanks. That’s what Is see from many distributors. I wonder if it is complete discontinued or is this due to supply chain delays.