BBAI end of life?

According to Digikey the Beaglebone AI is end of life and once they are out of stock they will not get any more. I have not been able to find anything about this anyplace else on the web so figured asking here would get me a real answer on this.

Is this really the end of the Beaglebone AI? Or, is this just another supply chain disruption that hopefully will end eventually?


The current stock of BBAI’s of boards was done by a specific manufacture that doesn’t build for anymore… Still moving everything to Seeed/GHI…


Thanks for the reply and glad to hear it. The BBAI is a handy device, would be sad to see it get discontinued.

The rev A2 documentation is up on GitHub - beagleboard/beaglebone-ai: BeagleBone AI - the fast track for embedded machine learning. I’m not sure if distributors have placed orders for the updated revision (PCB update and manufacturer update). I’ll look into that and come back.