BBAI GEN4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB touch screen support?


I have a GEN4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB touch screen(with the 4D Cape adapter) working perfectly with the BBE, now I want to upgrade to BBAI, does anyone know if this touch screen is hardware and software compatible with it?

P.S. I’m using Buildroot to create the firmware image, of which the uboot version is 2021.04 and kernel version is 4.19.94-ti-r68; I tried to add an overlay dts based on the old BB-BONE-4D7C-01-00A1.dts, after bootup the backlight seems to be working(adjustable between 0~100 through /sys/class/backlight/backlight/brightness), but no image shown on the screen(a splash logo), only a vertical bright line on the right side.


The 4D7C overlay appears to be for a am33xx BB such as a BeagleBone Black. You should use an overlay that support the BBAI or am572x.




Thank you Jon.
I rebuild the dts based on both BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees/tree/v4.19.x-ti-overlays/src/arm/overlays/BBAI-4D4C-00A1.dts and, then got the splash logo to the screen, however the image looks ugly, seems like something wrong with the colorspace or timing, will check the driver later.