BBAI LCD cape and BBBl cape compatibility

Looking for LCD cape compatibility info for the BBAI. web page lists

Board Feature Highlights- BeagleBone Black mechanical and header compatibility

If so, does that mean the BBAI supports or will support BBBl LCD capes such as the 5" and 7" 4D modules?

I received a couple 4D LCD capes that I hope will work for my BBAIs. Will they?

As far as I know, the overlays haven’t been updated. @lorforlinux @RobertCNelson know any better?

The cape compatibility layer should enable a common overlay to be created and all the right pins should be in the right place, but I’m not aware of anyone having done the work.

What does “the work” encompass?

Who does this “work”?

I’m very new here, I’ve come from a world where all my projects have had how-to instructions and been served up on a plate.

I purchased multiple BBAI thinking everything worked and then discover GPIO doesn’t work, via the guy who wrote the os and designed the board (am I right?).

c,c++ or something else?

I don’t understand what your sentence is supposed to mean, sorry.

It has been a while, what are you coding with c/c++ or something else?