BBAI64-external board supply from expansion header

Hello Community,
I would like to power external board from expansion header of BBAI-64.
But I can’t find output current specification for power pin:
P9.03, P9.04 (VSYS_IO_3V3)
P9.05, P9.06 (DC_VDD_5V)
P9.07, P9.08 (VSYS_5V0)

Does anyone know?
Thanks a lot

I too want to power the BBAI64 from a cape. Obviously a valid concept as there’s already a power cape, although I don’t think that one can source enough current for the BBAI64.
Looking at the schematic, DC_VDD_5V connects to both the DC jack and P9.05 / P9.06. Supply power to these pins and let the existing power switch / regulators work as normal. Haven’t looked at the current spec for the pins or whether the PCB tracking is adequate.