BBAI64 Most up to date DeviceTree and Kernel?

Hi, I needed to make some custom overlay for the BBAI64, so as suggested in previous posts, I used BeagleBoard’s git repo :
beagleboard/BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees at v5.10.x-ti-arm64 (

I also needed a light version, so I downloaded the latest minimal image and to my surprise, the overlays are differents. I noticed this because the beagle-flasher on the minimal image does the LED cycling. I looked into /sys/class/leds and the name for the latest minimal image and what’s on the DeviceTree repo is completely different.

I am concerned about not having the latest memory issue fixes and features. Are the github repos good for deploying a product?

I am using
Device-tree :
beagleboard/BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees at v5.10.x-ti-arm64 (
Kernel :
RobertCNelson/ti-linux-kernel-dev at ti-linux-arm64-5.10.y (

use the ‘unified’ branch, arm32 and arm64 device tree’s in one branch…