BBAI64 - P9_30 pulled High prevents eMMC Booting


I ran into an issue where the BBA64 wouldn’t boot, and found the “issue”. P9_30 was pulled high because it was used as an Input for a module.

I saw in the schematics that it was done on purpose. Is there anything I can change in the bootloader to ignore that particular pin, and what would be the consequences?

From the official schematics :

Boot Pin

Hi @StackingOverflows Sorry, i’ve also pinged our developers.

Yes, this pin should be on the header, so external capes can override the boot selection…

BUT our SRM/docs, need to make sure to point out this pin can not be pulled high or low till after Vcc/Reset.

Otherwise it will affect the boot order if used for another purpose. (as you’ve seen)


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