BBAI64 Servo Cape Issue


I have followed the thread here : BeagleBone AI-64 + Servo cape

Every instruction was followed and the process appears to go smoothly, but when the commands are executed to set the servo position nothing happens.

The author provided a shell script as a simple follow up but that script yields no movement as well.
I notice that the post has some comments indicating they also are having issues with the tutorial.

Has anyone been able to use the servo cape on the BBAI64 using the cape overlay as described by the tutorial I have linked?

Thank you

Code shows it is logging to here:

//FILE *errlog = fopen("/var/log/beagle-tester.log", "w");

Try to see what is in that file, I am assuming you are using the code in link provided.

Also, you should be able to control the pins from cli using sys/class/pwm to verify hardware is working.