BBAI64 : Ubuntu rootfs support?

Dear @RobertCNelson ,

Is there any plan to support Ubuntu rootfs for BBAI064, please ?

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Hi @l4es , Sorry but i’m kind of torn on this. The only reason i had supported “armhf” on Ubuntu, was initially Debian only had ‘arm’ and Ubuntu was starting to build things for armv6/armv7 which was an exciting period of time… Fast forward today, now that Debian has ‘armhf’, I really really want to EOL my Ubuntu work on ‘armhf’… So where does that leave ‘arm64’, i kinda don’t want to start on a Ubuntu ‘arm64’ since i will not be able to give it my full attention anyways.

So is it worth it to ‘half-ass’ Ubuntu on ‘arm64’ or just keep focused on Debian with (armhf/arm64)…

(and then you factor in all the exciting ‘RISC-V’, it’s really an exciting time in Debian…)

Edit 1:
Side Note, i know it’s not a 100% great answer… We are shipping our Debian image with docker enabled… TI has a few demos that run in docker so, running ubuntu in a docker container is an option…

Edit 2:
There’s nothing stopping ubuntu from building an official image, the kernel device tree has been submitted to mainline, i need to fix a few things in the next post… (maybe if i don’t release image, they (ubuntu) might actually try this time…)


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your answer. I asked this question because I saw you deployed Ubuntu for certain TI based boards (such as Beagleboards).
Anyway I do hope that Debian is same flavor as Ubuntu and I would like to develop robotics based applications with Debian, especially with ROS on top and also with other frameworks as EtherCAT/LinuxCNC.