BBB 4xInput Audio Channel


I need to process 4 Audio Channels on BBB. The channels need to have resolution of atleast 16 bits and sampling of 48KHz. I need to know what kind of options could help me achieve this goal if its possible.

Use 1xUSB Hub and 2xUSB sound cards containing mono inputs and use Beagle Boards USB port to stream in data.

4 Channel

Use 1xUSB Hub and 4xUSB sound cards containing mono microphone inputs.


2xAudio Cape of BeagleBone which can handle stereo input.


Some other interface/board/cape that can handle 4x input channels.

Any ideas ?


You might take a look at 4 channel audio input cards / devices. They are not cheap, but they can easily handle 4 inputs at the same time. One such device is

Thanks, One more thing that I would like to know is that if I combine 2x input from the BBB Audio Cape and 2x input from Sound card via USB. Do you think it would work just as fine or there could be some synchronization issues ?