BBB and element 14 BB-View cape

I have just got the BB-view cape with an 7inch lcd but can’t get the thing working, I have tried flashing the TI images froom element 14 and the angstrom image but neither seam to work. Have I wasted my money? I am currently using a A5A BBB, I have ordered another BBB which I think may be an A6 just to see if it’s my BBB.

Does anyone have any experience of the BB-View or can point me in the right direction?

I would ask the BB-View people. I am not aware of any support in images to support that display.


Did you get it working? I had a similar issue with the 4.3 inch version. First off insure you are using 5v adapter, usb doesnt put out enough power to power both. If you are booting up and only see the red led0 flashing, then it is your cable. Also I read somewhere for the 7inch, you need to configure it using putty/ssh connection to work properly. Just follow directions for this on Should cover this on the full version of the user manual.

Steven from Texas

I am on the same path as you but still not figure out how to get it up and running. I will try during the weekend. Did you figure out how to manage this cape?


I flashed the latest angstrom image onto the BBB then used putty from my windows computer to follow the instructions on the BB view datasheet found on the element 14 website. I did have to flash the BBB several times with different versions of angstrom before I found the right version. I was just about to write the BB view off when I gave it one more go with the latest angstrom image.

I will let you know the image name when I get home and check the BBB.

The TI-SDK & Angstrom images from work just fine.

Official Angstrom images, or Roberts Debian images won't work without some intervention.

The reasons for this are fairly simple:

First is that the touch screen is wired differently and a patch to the driver is needed.
Second, if you're using device tree overlays you'll need the right one for your kernel and you'll need to add some stuff to uEnv.txt to tell capemgr not to load the HDMI virtual capes and to load the BB-View overlay instead. The BB-View doesn't have an eeprom, so capemgr doesn't know the cape exists without help.
Lastly, there appears to be a red/green colour swap problem in Xorg

There's a good discussion of getting it working with Roberts Debian images here including the necessary kernel patch.

Ok than :stuck_out_tongue: I will try to check that discussion and that patch :slight_smile:
I´ll inform later if it works :slight_smile:
Thank you

Can you please tell me the correct veriosn of Angstrom that got your BBview working?